read your email from any computer with's free web mail! Get spam-free email with 25 MB of storage! You get so much more with MuchoMail!
The free email with so much more!

Many ways to use your free MuchoMail email address:

  • Read your email from anywhere!

  • As a supplement to your work address.

  • While traveling.

  • For your family members
    Encourage each of your family members to enjoy the same advanced, easy to use features you use. Encourage them to visit our site and sign up for MuchoMail address of their own.

  • An address not tied to your ISP.
    If ever you move or switch Internet Service Providers, your address won't change. No more having to miss email or keep up with updating everyone when you change ISPs or jobs.

  • To avoid SPAM.
    Use the email address your Internet Service Provider gives you as your public address. Give your MuchoMail address to your close personal friends and family. Like an unlisted telephone number for the Internet.

MuchoMail is a full-featured email service for you:

Web based
Free, secure, permanent email accounts that are accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

Enormous Storage Space
Whopping 25 MB accounts can store large attachments and vast quantities of mail. Premium accounts provide up to 1,000 MB of storage.

Extremely Fast
Lightning fast service due to our world-class network powered by Cisco, Network Appliance, Sun, F5 Networks, and

Send up to 3 file attachments of unlimited size.

Bulk mail options
You can have junk mail automatically sent to an alternate folder.

Email Notification
You can be automatically notified of new messages at another email address.

Convenient folders allow you to organize your messages.

Address Book
Easy to use address book stores names, birthdays, comments, much more and allows multiple contacts to be grouped together.

User defined filters and advanced automatic filters prohibit SPAM.

POP mail retrieval
Instantly retrieve messages from POP mail accounts (such as from your ISP).  Great feature if you are on the road.

HTML mail capability lets users enhance their messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors.

Account Status Reminder
Welcome page displays the number of unread messages and mail storage space used.

Online Help
Built-in help area explains all features at every step.

Message Search
Search and find messages that contain a particular word or phrase, were sent on a specific date, are a certain size, etc.

Personal Signature
Add a personal signature to all of your outgoing messages.

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